1980 NBC News Report on Contrails – Contrail Science

Crossing two older contrails, this US Air Force C-17A is helping make clouds where there were none. The video shows an interesting 1980 perspective on this phenomenon. Photo: Chuck Slusarczyk Jr. - OPShots.net

This news report is from 1980.It’s based on this research paper:EFFECT OF CONTRAIL CIRRUS ON SURFACE WEATHER CONDITIONS IN THE MIDWEST.  It’s interesting because it shows that back in 1980 people were noticing contrails persisting and spreading to cover the whole sky. At that point people had even noticed it contributed to increased cloudiness.This is a useful video to show to anyone who thinks that this is a recent phenomenon. For more details, the research paper also makes it very clear that contrails in 1980 were just the same as contrails in the present day.Continue reading »

via Contrail Science.

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