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One often gets satellite images of contrails and it’s hard to visualize what’s going on, especially with racetrack contrails drifting in the wind. So I wrote a little simulator applet to demonstrate the formation of a contrail under various conditions.

I have just updated this applet to display contrail grids by default. There are just two flight paths that intersect, and the grid forms as the contrails from those two paths are blown by the wind.

The Java version seems to work better at the moment, there’s a bug with the embedded version which means you have to click slightly above things. So try this:


To get the racetrack simulator, uncheck the “intersection” checkbox in the lower left.

via Contrail Simulations » Contrail Science.

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I started OPShots in June 2006 as a place to share and display aviation photos without the often restrictive policies of other aviation websites. I want to share my love of aviation with fellow aviation geeks and provide a spotlight on Cleveland Hopkins International airport in the process.

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