Monthly Archive: October 2012

How Big is the Gap Between Contrails and Engines? – Contrail Science

A United Airlines 767 showing contrail-gap as it passes over Columbus Ohio in May 2012.  Photo:  Corey Betke - OPShots Contributor //

Contrails are the white lines that sometimes form behind high flying aircraft. They are actually a type of cloud. The cloud forms because jet exhaust contains quite a bit of water. If the humidity is high, then the contrails can persist for a long time, like clouds do. When jet exhaust comes out of the …

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American Adding Seat Locks In 49 Planes – Airwise News

An American Airlines 767-300 taxies out for departure at SFO in February 2012, while a United 757 lands behind it.  Photo:  Erik Frikke - OPShots Contributor //

American Airlines is adding secondary locking devices to the seats of 49 of its Boeing 767s, as a precaution, because they have the same seat configuration as its 757s that had seats come loose in flight this month. The airline said in a memo to employees that the US Federal Aviation Administration had approved its …

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Air Canada flight helps locate sailor off Australian coast – World – CBC News

An Air Canada 777-300 touches down in Toronto in this photo from 2010.  The actual plane that performed the search was a -200 model. // Photo:  Doug McElroy - OPShots Contributor

Australian authorities are thanking the crew of an Air Canada flight for helping to locate a sailor in distress off the country’s east coast.The Australian Maritime Safety Authority AMSA said Tuesday it received an emergency beacon activation at 8:15 a.m. local time, coming from approximately 270 nautical miles 500 kilometres east of Sydney.The AMSA requested …

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