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The Rise of Plane Spotting and How Airports Are Embracing Their Biggest Fans

AIRWAYS MAGAZINE – You don’t have to be a spotter to be fascinated by planes – at least that’s how the UK-based aviation writer, Matt Falcus, sees it. Falcus, a private pilot who became fascinated with aviation at a young age, runs airportspotting.com. “I think it always existed as a localized community around each airport,” …

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Airline Security Workers Say They Are Rushed – NYTimes.com

Workers at J.F.K. say security inspections are rushed.  Mohamed, an airport security worker for Global Elite Group, said a focus on speed is jeopardizing passenger safety.  After passengers exit each plane at John F. Kennedy International Airport, squads of caterers and cleaners troop on and prepare the aircraft for the next flight.  Once cleared of …

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Crew member mental health in spotlight after captain’s breakdown – Overhead Bin / msnbc.com

Two recent incidents in which airline crew members behaved alarmingly and had to be restrained by passengers have raised questions about when and how aviation workers are screened for mental health problems. On Tuesday, JetBlue captain Clayton Osbon, 49, was locked out of the cockpit by his co-pilot after he began acting erratically on Flight …

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Southwest sued by Muslim woman they removed from flight – (Blog) – The Washington Post

In recent years, people have been thrown off of airlines for the slightest provocation. A skimpy outfit. The use of profanity. A baby’s tantrum. Irum Abbasi outside Terminal 1 at the San Diego International Airport in March. (Earnie Grafton – AP) But in March, a misunderstanding by a Southwest Airlines stewardess had many saying the …

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