New hangar space at Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront Airport could mark start of lakefront plan | cleveland.com

Cleveland - Burke Lakefront (BKL/KBKL)

Cleveland - Burke Lakefront (BKL/KBKL) As seen from the approach or RWY 6R about a half-mile out between 800 to 1,000 feet. Photo: E. Jones - OPShots.net

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Efforts to build hangar space for an aircraft maintenance company at Burke Lakefront Airport could prove the first piece of the city of Cleveland’s larger, expansive plans for redeveloping the lakefront.

Constant Aviation, a company based at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, is looking for as much as 100,000 square feet at Burke. One of the potential sites is Aviation High School, which has been vacant for years except for a short period when it was used as a homeless shelter.

The company began using a small hangar at the school earlier this year.

via New hangar space at Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront Airport could mark start of lakefront plan | cleveland.com.

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I have always looked to the sky at the wonderful aluminum tubes darting through the sky. My love for aviation has taken me to many airports and air shows and I hope to be able to experience many more in the years to come and to share my experience along the way.

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  1. yakc130

    This could be interesting. If they were to put up new hanger space at BKL, this may stop these lame attempts to try and shut it down.

  2. Chuck

    This would be a win-win for Burke and Constant Aviation. They are crammed into that tiny corner at Hopkins and could really benefit from additional ramp space. Plus, to see the old aviation high school in use after all these years would be amazing! From the article, the mayor says they want to build a new terminal at BKL as part of their long range plans. If they do, I hope it’s not at the sake of the existing one. While it may be inadequate, it is a beautiful edifice and should be preserved for its aesthetics alone!

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