OPShots Photographer Spotlight – Mark Plumley…My wingman and co-pilot!

One of Mark's many fine photos, this one at the phenomenal Gathering of Mustangs and Legends show at Rickenbacker in 2007.

I think some recognition of all the work my friend Mark Plumley has done and continues to do for this site is long overdue!  Mark has been instrumental in making the site what it is today, taking my clumsy home-made website into a modern user-friendly one that reflects his expertise in web-design and outstanding technical prowess.  There was virtually nothing on the web concerning Cleveland Hopkins airport, so I had this crazy idea to start one!  It was also a selfish move in that I wanted a place to display my photos and those of my friends without the hassle of a multi-tiered screening system…thus, OPShots was born.  It wasn’t long after that Mark contacted me about uploading some photos of his own, since he was also an aviation nut with photos to share.  He then offered his services to see if he couldn’t help make my site a little more user friendly, and he has been our site developer and technical guru ever since!  He is the only one who speaks the same tech-talk as our Netherlands based script developer Maik van Wel, and without Mark and Maik, I would be lost!

In addition to his work on the website, Mark is also a fine photographer with 2,448 photos in the database from not only Cleveland, but from his travels as well.  He is an airshow nut and avid flight-simmer, and was even the CEO of the popular Ozark Virtual Airlines at one time.  If all this weren’t enough, he is also a great guy and a lot of fun to be around, and I’m proud to call him friend.  For this and more, I salute Mark Plumley as our next OPShots TOPSHOT!

You can see all of Mark’s photos here.

About the author

Chuck Slusarczyk Jr.

I started OPShots in June 2006 as a place to share and display aviation photos without the often restrictive policies of other aviation websites. I want to share my love of aviation with fellow aviation geeks and provide a spotlight on Cleveland Hopkins International airport in the process.

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