OPShots TOPSHOT – Ed Jones; Guardsman, Firefighter, Plane Nut

One of Ed’s many unique views shared over the years! Photo: Ed Jones – OPShots Contributor //

Long a fixture here at OPShots, Ed Jones is a one man tour-de-force!  He not only works at the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) facility here in Cleveland, but he is also a National Guardsman who has been deployed throughout the world.  When he’s not fighting fires or, indeed, for our country itself, he finds time to attend airshows, raise a family, and indulge in his hobby of photography.

Ed has been a member of OPShots since 2006, and is one of the top ten uploaders with a current tally of 1,030 photos in the database.  His subjects cover the gamut of aviation, and his photos often reflect unique angles and situations that most of us will never experience.

He’s an all-around great guy who, if there’s an aviation event, is most likely at the right place at the right time!  If you should meet him at your local airport, he will be quick with a smile and eager to shake your hand.  For these things and more, Ed is our latest OPShots TOPSHOT!




You can see all of Ed’s photos here:  https://www.opshots.net/gallery2/index.php?page=photos&search=dWlkOjE3

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Chuck Slusarczyk Jr.

I started OPShots in June 2006 as a place to share and display aviation photos without the often restrictive policies of other aviation websites. I want to share my love of aviation with fellow aviation geeks and provide a spotlight on Cleveland Hopkins International airport in the process.

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