Continental Overturns Manslaughter Verdict on Concorde Crash – Businessweek

F-BTSC, the ill-fated Concorde on a weather diversion to Newark International back in July 1994. Photo: Chuck Slusarczyk Jr. – OPShots.net //

Continental Airlines Inc. won a bid to overturn its manslaughter conviction for the deaths of 113 people in the crash of Air France’s Concorde supersonic jet 12 years ago.The appeals court in Versailles, near Paris, reversed the 2010 guilty verdict in a ruling today, while holding the carrier and two employees civilly responsible for the crash and awarding Air France 1 million euros $1.3 million in damages. Judge Michele Luga also awarded victims payments worth hundreds of thousands of euros.Continental, now part of United Continental Holdings Inc. UAL, and a maintenance engineer fought the lower court’s decision to hold them responsible for the deaths, saying the Concorde’s explosion wasn’t the result of debris from a Continental plane.

via Continental Overturns Manslaughter Verdict on Concorde Crash – Businessweek.

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