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Aviation Gallery Guidelines

Upload Guidelines

As always, your uploads should be your own work with the exception of any works/photos uploaded with the permission of the original owner.  Any item uploaded not of your taking must be accredited to the original owner, and uploaded only with their permission.  Anyone not following this most important of rules will be subject to a review and possibly banned from the site.

Having said that, the copyright to your original photos is yours and yours alone.  OPShots is happy to host your pictures, and if an inquiry concerning one of your pictures comes our way, we will forward that information to you to do with what you will.

When uploading to the galleries, please fill in as much information as you can, and follow the standards set by Chuck, Mark, and Cole.  If you don’t have some information, look it up in Google or similar. We have some of the more popular and efficent aviation databases under our links page.  We like to see proper airport and aircraft information including airport codes and aircraft serial numbers.  Your photo won’t necessarily be rejected if that info is incorrect, but do try to get it right…it saves us a lot of work!

Please check as many of the below categories that are appropriate to your photo.  Most photos will fit more than one category, and to get the most exposure for your shot, you should check as many as fit the subject.

The gallery is optimized for photos with a maximum size of 1024 pixels in width, and photos with a size smaller than that will not get past the upload stage.  While the gallery gives you the option to view the pictures at a larger size, we feel that keeping your full size photo at a maximum of 1024 pixels will help protect you from unwanted theft of the photo.  Photos larger than 1024 pixels can easily be used by others without your permission, and we are trying our best to protect your work.  Photos viewed in the larger size may look okay, but at least they won’t be as susceptible to unwanted theft and usage as photos uploaded at larger sizes.  We hope you agree to this policy.

One final note…We don’t want to become “screeners” in the sense that other sites have screeners, however we do want you to do your best with your pictures.  A little bit of editing such as leveling and cropping, as well as adjusting your levels and colors goes a long way towards making your pictures something that lots of people want to see.  If we get tired of someone not trying hard enough or at least putting in an effort, we may send you a warning!  Repeat offenders beware!  There are many tutorials available on the web about editing pictures, as well as a veritable plethora of books available at your local bookstore. As well as our own tutorial area here as well in regards to processing aviation photos.

So, get to it…practice, upload, or just enjoy!

Best to you,

Chuck, Mark, and Cole


Photo Category Descriptions:

“Passenger Aircraft” This category includes all passenger aircraft/airliners, excluding such aircraft as business jets and general aviation aircraft.   A Boeing 727-200 fits this category, as does a Beech 1900D, a Gulfstream GII or a Beech Bonanza does not.

“Cargo Aircraft” This category includes all cargo and freight aircraft (excluding military).  An Atlas 747F and a FedEx Feeder fit this category, a Lockheed C-130 does not.

“Business Aircraft”
This category includes all business jets, as well as aircraft such as a Beech King Air that is registered to a business as opposed to a private individual.

“Private Aircraft”
This category includes all general aviation aircraft such as a Cessna 172 or a Cirrus SR22.  This category also includes all ultralights/sport aircraft, hot-air balloons, and privately registered rotorcraft.


“Cockpits” Use this category for all cockpit shots, no matter how elaborate the cockpit.

“Cabin Views” Use this category for all shots of cabin interiors of aircraft with four or more seats.

“Winglets/Tails” This category is for all close-up shots of winglets regardless of the aircraft.  Also included are all photos in which an aircraft tail is the main subject.

“Aircraft Nose” Use this category when the main subject of the photo is the nose of an aircraft.  This includes both head-on and side-views.


“Single Engine Props” Self-explanatory.

“Helicopters” All rotorcraft including such aircraft as the V-22 Osprey, which shall also be classified as “military.”

“Seaplanes” This category includes any aircraft capable of taking off or landing in the water, including all true seaplanes as well as amphibious aircraft.

“Ultralights/Sport” Use this category for all ultralight and sport recreation aircraft including powered trikes.

“Balloons, etc.” Use this for anything that doesn’t fit the above, including lighter-than-air craft such as hot-air balloons, dirigibles, blimps, powered parachutes, etc.


“Government Aircraft” This category includes all governmental aircraft including VIP aircraft, flight calibration aircraft, etc.  This category does not include military aircraft such as fighters, bombers, or the like.

“Military Aircraft” This category is for all military aircraft including trainers, fighters, heavy-lift/cargo, tankers, bombers, etc.

“Classic Aircraft” This category includes all aircraft produced before the era of high-bypass engines.  This would include aircraft such as the 737-100 and 737-200, but not the 737-300 and onward.  This category also includes all private, business, and general aviation aircraft produced during this time.  As a general rule, pick this category for anything built pre-1980, even if the aircraft was photographed recently.  This is not a definitive category…use your best judgment.

“Non-Flying Aircraft” Use this category when your photo includes aircraft that are on static display, such as in a museum or park.  Also included in this category are such anomalies as aircraft converted to restaurants/bars, or parts of an aircraft such as a nose or tail section.

“Altitude Shots/Contrails” This category is for all aircraft shots taken at altitude or contrailing.  Also included are aircraft on approach/departure from an airport, provided they are some ways out from the airport.  Also include flying aircraft away from any airport.

“Night Photos” Anything from dusk/sunset until dawn/sunrise.

“Window Views” Includes all views looking out from inside an aircraft.  Not to be confused with a photo taken out of an airport window, which should be labeled only as the aircraft subject.

“Air to Air Photos”
All photos taken of an aircraft, from an aircraft.

“Airport Overviews” Includes all photos of an airport, including general views, views from an aircraft on high, buildings/hangars and facilities.

“Manufacturer Paint Scheme” Any aircraft painted in the colors of its manufacturer.

“Special Paint Schemes” Includes any aircraft in a rare /one of a kind/ one-off paint scheme.  This can include any aircraft, provided the scheme is really different.  This also includes airline hybrid schemes.

“Accidents/Crashes” Self-explanatory

“Memorabilia (Ads etc.)” Includes any and all memorabilia (subject to approval) such as airline ads, postcards, oddball items, etc.