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KCMH – Port Columbus

Airport Frequency Type Description Airport Diagram
KCMH 118.2 AM Radar Approach KCMH
KCMH 353.9 AM Radar Approach
KCMH 132.7 AM Tower VHF
KCMH 257.8 AM Tower UHF
KCMH 127.525 AM Tower VHF spare
KCMH 121.9 AM Ground VHF
KCMH 348.6 AM Ground UHF
KCMH 135.075 AM Ground VHF spare
KCMH 126.3 AM Clearance Delivery
KCMH 124.6 AM Automatic Terminal Information System ATIS
KCMH 135.925 AM Automated Weather Observation System AWOS
KCMH 122.95 AM Unicom
KCMH 453.3 FM F1/2 Facilities maintenance
KCMH 460.125 FM F3/4 Snow removal
KCMH 453.55 FM F5/6 Airfield maintenance
KCMH 855.1125 FM Backup terminal radio system
KCMH 858.7125 FM Backup terminal radio system
KCMH 463.825 FM Red/Employee Parking Lot shuttles
KCMH 463.975 FM Blue/Green Parking Lot shuttles
KCMH 120.9 AM Chautauqua maintenance
KCMH 129.125 AM ARINC ACARS data
KCMH 129.2 AM American Airlines
KCMH 129.35 AM ARINC Common any airline may use
KCMH 129.525 AM Southwest de-icing
KCMH 129.6 AM Delta CMH ops
KCMH 129.675 AM Limited Services Limited Brands CMH ops
KCMH 130.025 AM ARINC ACARS data
KCMH 130.1 AM US Airways CMH ops
KCMH 130.125 AM Southwest CMH ops
KCMH 130.5 AM United CMH ops
KCMH 130.525 AM Continental CMH ops
KCMH 130.8 AM Unknown
KCMH 130.825 AM American Electric Power CMH ops Kilowatt Base
KCMH 130.85 AM Unknown also used by America West ops at Dayton
KCMH 130.925 AM Northwest Airlink CMH ops
KCMH 131.075 AM United Express Shuttle America CMH ops
KCMH 131.15 AM American Connection Chautauqua CMH ops
KCMH 131.25 AM Northwest CMH Ops
KCMH 131.5 AM America West/Midwest Connect CMH ops
KCMH 131.525 AM Continental CMH ops
KCMH 131.8 AM Southwest
KCMH 131.85 AM Delta Connection Chautauqua CMH ops
KCMH 136.85 AM ARINC ACARS data – CMH primary
KCMH 122.875 AM Net Jets
KCMH 129.625 AM Million Air
KCMH 131.35 FM Lane Aviation
KCMH 152.435 FM Lane Aviation operations
KCMH 460.65 FM NetJets operations primary
KCMH 460.75 FM NetJets operations
KCMH 465.75 FM NetJets operations
KCMH 460.675 FM American Airlines Ramp
KCMH 460.775 FM American Airlines
KCMH 462.5 FM American Airlines Maintenance
KCMH 935.15 FM America West/US Airways Ramp
KCMH 460.825 FM Delta Airlines Ramp
KCMH 464.7875 FM JetBlue Airlines Ramp out of service
KCMH 460.8 FM Northwest Airlines Ramp
KCMH 461.15 FM Southwest Airlines Ramp
KCMH 464.925 FM Skybus Airlines Ramp
KCMH 460.725 FM United Airlines Ramp