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KCMH Spotting Guide

Port Columbus International – KCMH Spotting Guide

Here you will find information about aircraft spotting at Port Columbus International Airport (CMH)

Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) commonly shortened to Port Columbus, is an international airport located 6 miles (10 kilometers) east of downtown Columbus, Ohio, USA. It is managed by the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, which also oversees operations at Rickenbacker International Airport and Bolton Field. The airport code ‘CMH’ stands for “Columbus Municipal Hangar,” though that name is no longer used today.

Port Columbus is primarily a passenger airport, providing over 190 non-stop flights to 44 airports via 15 airlines daily. Traffic reached 7,719,340 passengers in 2007, a 14.6% increase over the previous year. The airport saw a 13.4% increase in traffic in the first seven months of 2007 and a 23% increase in passengers for the month of July, due to an increase in flights by established carriers as well as the addition of JetBlue and Skybus Airlines (which ceased operations in April 2008). Port Columbus was expected to top 8 million travelers by the end of 2007. In addition, the airport also handles freight and US mail, with 10,411,920 units of freight and 8,537,279 units of mail passing through in 2006. Today, Port Columbus provides commercial air service to most all major airport hubs across the United States, with one notable exception being LAX. The airport is the largest passenger airport in the central Ohio region and is the second busiest in the state after Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Port Columbus was also the 52nd busiest airport in the United States in 2006.

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Click the Food/Drink! icon for food. Spotting sometimes requires a lot of time out in the sun. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, and get food when you need it. I usually bring a cooler with water. More food locations can be found by following this Google map link: https://g.co/maps/fzhy9
Click the Gas icon for gas. Most have convenience stores as well. More gas stations around KCMH can be found by following this Google map link: https://g.co/maps/dtxkv
Click the Hotel icon for a place to stay if you are going to be here overnight. More hotels around KCMH can be found by following this Google map link: https://g.co/maps/2tmqq


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