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KCLE- Cleveland Hopkins

Airport Frequency Type Description Airport Diagram
KCLE 120.9 AM Tower Runways 6R/24L 10/28 KCLE
KCLE 124.5 AM Tower Runways 6L/24R
KCLE 121.7 AM Ground Runways 6R/24L 10
KCLE 133.6 AM Ground Runways 6L/24R 28
KCLE 127.85 AM ATIS – Approach
KCLE 132.375 AM ATIS – Departure
KCLE 125.05 AM Clearance Delivery
KCLE 257.8 AM Tower All Runways
KCLE 129.175 AM Continental – Ramp Control Concourse C and Gates D2-D14
KCLE 129.475 AM Continental – Ramp Control Gates D17 D21 D25 D28
KCLE 460.65 AM Aircraft Service International Group Aircraft Fueling
KCLE 460.675 AM US Airways Inc
KCLE 460.725 AM United Airlines
KCLE 460.775 AM American Airlines
KCLE 129.52 AM Aeromag 2000 De-icing
KCLE 131.425 AM Air Services of Cleveland