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OPShots Photographer Spotlight – Stephen Mosley Sr., Doing Columbus proud!

One of several photographers representing our state’s capital, Columbus Ohio based Stephen Mosley Sr. nonetheless has more shots from that location than any other photographer on the site.  Not limited to Port Columbus, Stephen has also contributed many pictures from other airports in the area including Columbus – Rickenbacker International (Lockbourne AFB / ANGB) (LCK/KLCK), …

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Crew member mental health in spotlight after captain’s breakdown – Overhead Bin /

Two recent incidents in which airline crew members behaved alarmingly and had to be restrained by passengers have raised questions about when and how aviation workers are screened for mental health problems. On Tuesday, JetBlue captain Clayton Osbon, 49, was locked out of the cockpit by his co-pilot after he began acting erratically on Flight …

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Lessors Want Boeing And Airbus To Slow Down – AVIATION WEEK

Aircraft lessors and financiers are jittery about rising production rates at Airbus and Boeing, worrying that the market could be flooded with an oversupply of jets that would dilute the value of their fleets and push down lease prices. In a poll of attendees at the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading conference this week …

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Cleveland’s Constant Aviation STCs Wireless Internet for Phenoms – Aviation International News

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport-based Constant Aviation has completed an STC for Aircell’s Gogo Biz in-flight Internet and Wi-Fi system in the Phenom 300. It is the first such approval for the Phenom 300 and includes a satellite phone.“To date we have completed approximately 40 installations of Aircell Gogo Biz, and six of them are on …

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