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OPShots TOPSHOT – Ed Jones; Guardsman, Firefighter, Plane Nut

Long a fixture here at OPShots, Ed Jones is a one man tour-de-force! He not only works at the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) facility here in Cleveland, but he is also a National Guardsman who has been deployed throughout the world. When he’s not fighting fires or, indeed, for our country itself, he finds time to attend airshows, raise a family, and indulge in his hobby of photography. Continue reading

OPShots TOPSHOT – Elizabeth “Liz” Stapleton, GA Vagabond

When it comes to small-town Ohio airports, no place is safe when it comes to our Liz!  She has explored the back roads and byways to amass an impressive collection of small-town airfields and their denizens than anyone else I know!  With her unique documentarian eye, she brings these places to life and shows you …

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OPShots Topshot – Dave Reed, Man on the Move.

I’m happy to present the next Topshot award to long time contributor Dave Reed, a quiet guy with a wry smile and a way with a lens!  His photos have graced our pages since 2007, and he currently has 2,762 photos in the database making him the number three contributor to the gallery (number two …

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OPShots Photographer Spotlight – Mark Plumley…My wingman and co-pilot!

I think some recognition of all the work my friend Mark Plumley has done and continues to do for this site is long overdue!  Mark has been instrumental in making the site what it is today, taking my clumsy home-made website into a modern user-friendly one that reflects his expertise in web-design and outstanding technical …

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