OPShots Photographer Spotlight: Andrew Jones, our very own Boy Wonder

A young Andrew is all smiles as he sees his first Skycrane. Photo: Andrew Jones - OPShots Contributor

A lifelong aviation enthusiast, Andrew’s love of all things aviation seems to have come straight from the cradle to the present.  He may be young, but his entire life has led him to where his is now: a private pilot, a helicopter pilot,  and happily employed in the aviation industry.   His father Don is also a member of the site and no doubt at least partly responsible for instilling the love of aviation into Andrew.

He has been a contributing member to OPShots since 2008, and has over 470 photos in the database.  He has an obsession for rotorcraft, and has shared many of his fine helicopter photos on the site.  Enthusiastic as they come, Andrew is our next OPShots Topshot!

See all of Andrew’s photos here:


About the author

Chuck Slusarczyk Jr.

I started OPShots in June 2006 as a place to share and display aviation photos without the often restrictive policies of other aviation websites. I want to share my love of aviation with fellow aviation geeks and provide a spotlight on Cleveland Hopkins International airport in the process.

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  1. Andrew Jones

    Wow, thanks Chuck. Though I’ve flown a helicopter I’m not rotor rated… yet.

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