Spirit Airlines Employee Accused of Stabbing Co-Worker at Hopkins

A Spirit Airlines A320 rolls down the runway on a cold day in March 2016. Photo: Ed Jones – OPShots.net Contributor//

FOX NEWS – A Spirit Airlines employee at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has been accused of stabbing a co-worker with a scissors in the heat of an argument.

Vonda Gardner, 38, was charged with felonious assault after allegedly jabbing a fellow Spirit employee in the stomach and also injuring his hand at around 19:00 on Sunday, November 12th, Cleveland.com reports.

According to police reports obtained by Cleveland.com, the victim — a 25-year-old male — had taken a seat on the luggage belt behind the Spirit ticket counter. A separate employee then told him he would need to move, and informed him that Gardner had taken photos of him sitting where he wasn’t supposed to.

The man approached Gardner, who was reportedly typing an email to their manager. He suggested that they arrange a meeting with the manager to discuss what happened, but Gardner told him, “Don’t worry about it, I got it taken care of,” according to the police report.

Fox 47 also reported that Gardner swore at the man, and denied taking photographs of him on the conveyor belt.

The man then began trying to read Gardner’s email over her shoulder, at which point she shut off her computer monitor. When he reached over and attempted to turn it back on, Gardner allegedly stabbed him in the stomach with a pair of scissors, per the police report. He then grabbed the scissors, injuring his hand, and ran off to inform security, Fox 47 reports.

It is unclear if the man sought treatment at a hospital.

Cleveland.com reports that Gardner posted $25,000 bail after her arraignment on Tuesday. She’s due back in court on November 22nd.

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